Forthcoming publication exploring process, material and manufacture.


The forthcoming COPY publication brings together a collection of works for the page that form a relationship with material, process and manufacture, and will be produced through a period of research at both The Tetley, Leeds (UK) and Torna, Istanbul (TR). Both spaces are located in sites of significance within different industries – The Tetley as a former brewery HQ and Torna, meaning Lathe, as part of a visual engineering workshop.

Working with The Tetley from 21 June – 27 July 2014 as part of A New Reality, Part 3, COPY will present a number of events and an evolving selection of research materials that contribute to the development of the publication. Their project will explore documents, works and ideas surrounding the qualities of materials and their manipulation, labour, repetition, making, form, physicality and actions and patterns associated with technologies, and will draw together industrial processes, artistic practices and forms of publishing.

A New Reality, Part 3 launches 20 June 2014, 6-8pm. Find the project blogĀ here. Details of events can be found on the project page.